3d work

School assignment, where we were to choose a still life painting to recreate in Maya. Learned a lot, first time using Substance Painter. The shell was the first time retopologizing, using Mayas "quad draw". Then got to really practice retopologizing, as the body of the glass pitcher was made by merging a bunch of spheres togetherm and retopologizing it. That was a pain. I'm least pleased with the cloth, but all in all I'm happy with this little scene I made.

Tools: Modelled in Maya. Textured in Substance Painter.

Podracer heavily inspired by Ivo Caprino's legendary car Il Tempo Gigante.

Tools: Maya for modelling, Substance Painter for texturing.

Designed a character that was to be part frog and part otter. Turns out it looks more like a lizard.

Tools: ZBrush for character sculpting, Maya for retopology, Substance Painter for texturing.


Environment based on the livingroom from Studio Ghibli's movie Howl's Moving Castle. The character is a reimagining of Howl the wizard.

Tools: Blender for character sculpting, Maya for environmental modelling, character retopology, rigging and animation. Substance Painter for texturing.