Misc work

Cosplay - Princess Mononoke

As a hobby cosplayer, I enjoy researching characters and reconstruct the look. I gathered stills from the movie, (interstingly, she makes very few apperances in her in her own movie). Made clothes patterns from tracing other clothes. Ears and earrings made with EVA-foam. Mask made with paper clay, with foam details. Jewelry and dagger made with paper clay.

Photo by Danarki

Analysis of Progression in Terraria

A short eBook of a game analysis, released on the Kindle Store.

Tools: Adobe InDesign

Odd Friend Generator

An Android App. It is a simple toy to generate characters based on a set of images for eyes, mouths and heads. It also generates a a sentence based on the "I'm so <adjective> I <verb> <nouns>".

I'm very fond of the app, and hope to create something similar, but bigger, some day.

Tools: MIT App Inventor 2, Adobe Illustrator