A puzzle adventure game. Use your mighty hammer to push blocks, and if they are metallic: pull them towards you too.

My work: Character modelling, rigging, animation and texturing.

Tools: Maya, Substance Painter and Unreal Engine 4

A cute little action adventure game, with two levels and a boss fight.

My work: I designed combat based on rock-paper-scissor mechanics. Fire attacks are most effective against ground type enemies, ok agains fire type, and week against water type. Magic attacks uses mana. You can always attack with the sword, which is ok against all enemies. I also programmed the enemy AI, by creating a finite state machine in C++.

Tools: Unreal Engine 4

Fight pirates, find the keys, and rescue your sister.

My work: I designed and programmed procedurally generated levels. Placing different islands, making bridget between, and populating the islands with environmental objects and game play objects. Although I managed to create island meshes based on hightmaps, we scrapped it in favor of using custom modelled meshes, for more artistic control.

Tools: Unreal Engine 4

There's a happiness bar that goes down then the TV has bad signal, so you have to charge up and release a hit, to fix the TV again. A silly little game.

My work: On this project I did some of the programming, like the flickering noise material on the TV screen. I spent most of the time mentoring a fresh programming student, who learned a lot from this project. It was really fun and rewarding.

Tools: Unreal Engine 4

A space ship war, except you have no weapons. Instead you have to shoot a radar beam on ally ships, to help them see enemy ships, before the enemy ships sees them.

My work: I did all the programming on this. The player movement doesn't feel good enough, and in hinesight enemies respawning in random locations was a bad idea, as you will get unlucky and unfairly loose allied ships.

Tools: Unity