Graphic Design

Valmuen Linjeforening

The student organisation for Game School students, Valmuen Linjeforening, needed a logo. They held a logo competition which my design won.

The organisation is named after the poppy flower, for reasons I will not go into here. Therefor the design is a red flower, while the shape is that of a d-pad, to represent interactivity and game history. A clear and recognizable design.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic design for Global Game Jam Hamar 2020. The local theme was inspired by 90's games. For the t-shirt design I drew a girl dressed as Lara Croft and a boy dressed as Crash Bandicoot, playing on a playstation 1.

Tools: Pencil and paper, Adobe Illustrator

Poster design and illustration. Matching graphics to display on info screens. We wanted to promote the schools showecase event to the students, and give the impression that it would be a proper show. Since previous years had used images of stage curtains, I kept with that but drew my own custom graphics, that would be more sleek and glamorous.

Tools: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

Valmuen Game Jam

As I was hosting my own game jam for students, I put a lot of work into creating an awesome poster. So for the next times I hosted jams, I reused the design, and reskinned it.

Tools: Pen and paper, Adobe Photoshop

Coloring book design

Brr, winter colors

Autumn colors

Info screen design. Had to frankenstein the original design, when we got the opportunity to display advertisements on the schools info screens.

Cropped to Facebook banner

VGJ presentation

Made a silly slideshow to get the jam started.

GameINN Monday

As part of a joined initiative to create social events around gaming in Hamar, I designed a poster and screen poster to catch the attention of youth and students.

Printed products

Printed products from when I worked as a Graphic designer. Restaurant menu.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

Digital drawings done for a school course.

Tools: Krita.